Services - State Forest Service

S.No Name Designation Place of posting
1 Shri Bhim Bdr.Gurung joint Director (Env. & Soil Conservation), with additional charge of Planning.
2 Shri Suraj Kr.Thatal joint Director Utilization shall hold the additional charge of Parks and Gardens
3 Shri Phurba Tamang additional charge of Engineering cell of the FEWM Department with HQ at Gangtok
4 Shri Nambi Tsh.Bhutia Joint Director (Off) (Territorial) East,Gangtok
5 Shri Lakpa Tsh Sherpa Joint Director (Off) (NTFP),North-East with Headquarter at Gangtok
6 Shri Dazom Lachungpa Joint Director (Off) Environment & Soil Conservation,North(DFO,IWDP,Hariyali,North)
7 Smt. Rajani Bhandari Joint Director (Off) (Planning & Monitoring),with headqurter at Gangtok
8 Shri Sangay Gyatso Bhutia Joint Director (Off) (Wildlife), East with HQ at Gangtok.
9 Shri Nischal Gautam D.F.O (Wildlife) South,Namchi
10 Shri Blen Tsh.Targain Coordinator SBFP (JICA),South and West district with HQ at Gangtok
11 Shri Sugen Migmar Saring D.F.O Territorial,Mangan additional charge as DFO (Wildlife),North Division
12 Shri Tshering Pintso Bhutia D.F.O (Wildlife) (T) West only with HQ at Gyalshing
13 Smt.Kusum Gurung D.F.O (Land Use & Environment),west with HQ at Geyzing
14 Smt.Urmila Thapa D.F.O (Silviculture), with HQ at Gangtok.
15 Ms.Dechen Lachungpa Coordinator SBFP (JICA), North & East district.
16 Shri Tashi Tshering Bhutia D.F.O Social Forestry,Namchi/DFO(WL),North
17 Shri Sonam Pintso Bhutia D.F.O (Zilla Panchayat), North with HQ at Mangan.
18 Shri Sudhir Gurung D.F.O Social Forestry, West /PIA,IWMP (West)-II.
19 Shri Sanula Bhutia D.F.O (KNP & KBR), with HQ at Gangtok.
20 Shri Lobsang Bhutia D.F.O Utilization
21 Shri Ashok Kr. Pradhan DFO (Social Forestry), East with additional charge of DFO (SLNA-HQ) in the office of the CEO, SLNA, with headquarter at Gangtok
22 Shri Devendra chettri D.F.O Utilization
23 Shri Phurba Tsh. Bhutia D.F.O. Forest Centre Store, Deorali,
24 Shri Kiran Kumar Gurung D.F.O Environment & Soil Conservation,South
25 Shri Bir Badhur subba ACF (NTFP), South-West with HQ at Namchi.
26 Shri Narapati Gautam DFO (Zilla), West with HQ at Gyalshing.
27 Shri Namgyal Tsh. Bhutia DFO (Social Forestry), North with additional charge of PIA-IWMP (Dzongu) North with HQ at Mangan, North.
28 Shri Ram Pd.Sharma ACF (River Valley Project), with HQ at Gangtok
29 Shri Sangay Kazi DFO (Territorial), South with HQ at, Namchi.
30 Shri Anguir Bhutia DFO (Wildlife), West with HQ at Gyalshing.
31 Shri Dorjee Tamang DFO (ENVIS), with HQ at Gangtok.
32 Shri karsang Lama DFO (Zilla Panchayat), East with HQ at Gangtok.
33 Shri Arun Thapa DFO (Stores), with HQ at Gangtok.
34 Shri Palzor Ongda Bhutia DFO (T) (Officiating) Rabong, South with HQ at Rabong.
35 Miss Tshering Denka Bhutia DFO (Officiating) Territorial, West (Gyalzing)
36 Miss Karma Choden Bhutia DFO (Officiating) (Wildlife), North shall hold additional charge of ACF (Social Forestry), North with headquarter at Mangan
37 Miss Dichen Namdul ACF (Pangolakha Wildlife Sanctuary), with HQ at Rongli.
38 Miss Arati Basnet ACF ACF, SBFP, South & West
39 Miss Sewani Pradhan ACF (Sikkim Biodiversity Board), with HQ at Gangtok
40 Miss Nisha Subba ACF Wildlife,Headquarter attached with CCF (Wildlife)
41 Miss Yangchen Bhutia ACF Utilization
42 Miss Peggyla Tshering Venchungpa ACF (T ) Namchi with additional charge of Joint Project Coordinator, UNEP (GEF), Project, SBB
43 Miss Srijana Chettri ACF FCA
44 Mr.Jigmee Tsewang Sharngoe ACF (FDA and Wireless Communication) in Territorial circle with HQ at Gangtok
45 Miss Smita Shilal ACF Territorial (Rongli)
46 Miss Marmit Lepcha ACF Wildlife(West)
47 Miss Merab Basnet ACF NTFP(East)
48 Miss Sonam Norden Bhutia ACF KNP/KBR, West with HQ at Yuksom
49 Miss Bhumika Rai ACF Territorial, Pakyong(East)
50 Miss Angela Ongmu Chettri ACF SBFP,North & East
51 Shri Hem Bdr.Rai ACF Himalayan Zoological Part,Bulbulay
52 Shri Chitra Bdr.Rai ACF (NTFP) South
53 Shri Samdup Tshering Bhutia ACF Fambonglho Wildlife Sanctuary,East
54 Shri Pem Prashad Silwal ACF (Dentam), West with HQ at Dentam.
55 Shri Kamal Subba ACF Maineam Wildlife Sanctuary,Ravongla
56 Shri Phurba Rinchen Bhutia ACF Block Administrative Centre,Ranka
57 Shri Surya Kr.Subba ACF (Social Forestry), South with additional charge of PIA (IWMP-IV), South with headquarter at Namchi
58 Shri Kul Bdr.Ghaley ACF (S&D) only with HQ at Gangtok
59 Shri Sonam Zangpo Bhutia ACF (SLNA-HQ), and PIA-IWMP-III, East with HQ at Gangtok
60 Shri Nandu Lamichaney ACF (Legal Cell, Territorial Circle), with HQ at Gangtok )
61 Shri Kamal Gurung ACF (GVK), Soreng with Headquarter at Soreng.
62 Shri Chittra Pd.Sharma ACF (Social Forestry) East
63 Shri K.B. Basnet ACF Working Plan
64 Shri D.K.Rai ACF KNP),West.addtional charge of ACF,BAC,Yuksom
65 Shri Rabden Bhutia ACF (Monitoring),with HQ at Gangtok
66 Shri Sonam Wangdi Bhutia ACF (Env. & Soil Conservation), North with additional charge as PIA, IWMP, Mangan with HQ at Mangan.
67 Shri Suk Bahadur Subba ACF Headquarter (Env. & SC.), East at Gangtok.
68 Shri Duryodhan Gurung ACF Land use & Env/soreng Sub_Division
69 Shri S.T.Lachungpa ACF (KNP),North with Headquarter at chungthang
70 Shri Pempa Tshering Lepcha ACF BAC, Yangang
71 Shri Tilak Kumar Mukhia SFS,ACF (Kitam Bird Sanctuary), Wildlife Division, South only with HQ at Namchi
72 Shri James S.Lepcha ACF (Territorial),Gangtok,(ACF,BAC,Gangtok)
73 Shri Norzang Lachenpa ACF ACF, NTFP (North)
74 Shri Tashi Tsewang Bhutia ACF GVK,BAC,Passingdong,Dzongu,North
75 Shri Zigdal Lachenpa ACF Environment & Soil Conservation,East
76 Shri Chewang Tashi Lepcha ACF GVK,BAC,Passingdong,Dzongu,North
77 Shri Bijoy Upreti ACF ACF, FCA,Gangtok
78 Shri Uttarman Tamang ACF (GVK), Kaluk only with HQ at Kaluk
79 Shri Barun Kumar Rai ACF (Stores), with HQ at Gangtok.
80 Shri Til Bahadur Subba ACF (Silviculture), with HQ at Gangtok.
81 Shri Yap Tshering Bhutia ACF Environment & Soil Conservation,East
82 Shri Chatra Bir Chettri ACF Social Forestry,East with additional charge of ACF ,GVK,Gangtok
83 Shri Tek Bahadur Gurung ACF ACF (RVP), East with HQ at Gangtok.
84 Shri Chewang C.Lachungpa ACF Territorial, Chungthang/additional charge of ACF (Env. & SC), and GVK, Chungthang with HQ at Chungthang.
85 Shri Dhanajai Pradhan ACF Kyongnosla,Alpine Wildlife Sanctuary
86 Shri Buddhila Bhattarai ACF EPC
87 Shri Nar Bahadur Chettri Assistant Conservator of Forest (GVK), Duga.
88 Shri Topgay Tshering Bhutia Assistant Conservator of Forest Environment & Soil Conservation,East
89 Shri Suresh Kr. Das Assistant Conservator of Forest Environment & Soil Conservation,East
90 Shri Pempa Dadul Lachenpa Assistant Conservator of Forest (T) ACF(T), Mangan/additional charge of ACF (GVK), Mangan.
91 Shri Pritam Thapa Assistant Conservator of Forest (GVK), Parkha with Headquarter at Parkha.
92 Shri Tek Bahadur Chettri Assistant Conservator of Forest ACF (Env & SC), Gyalshing Sub-Division with HQ at Gyalshing.
93 Shri Narsing Rai Assistant Conservator of Forest (GVK), Sikkip, with HQ at Sikkip South.
94 Shri Gajendra Singh Gurung ACF GVK, Namthang, with HQ, Namthang, South.
95 Shri Netuk Tshering Bhutia Assistant Conservator of Forest GVK, Chongrang, Tashiding, West with station at Tashiding.
96 Shri Tenzing Norbu Bhutia DFO (Officiating) (Parks & Garden), with HQ at Gangtok.
97 Shri Norden Tshering Lepcha Assistant Conservator of Forest (Territorial), Kabi Sub-Division with HQ at Kabi.
98 Shri Sherap Dadul Sangderpa Assistant Conservator of Forest (Env. & SC), Namchi Sub-Division with HQ at Namchi.
99 Shri Samdu Goley Bhutia Assistant Conservator of Forest (Env & SC ), Dzongu, with additional charge of IWMP-I Dzongu with headquarter at Dzongu.
100 Shri Tseten W. Lachungpa Assistant Conservator of Forest ACF (T), Dzongu Sub-Division with HQ at Dzongu.
101 Shri R.P. Sharma, SFS Divisional Forest Officer (Territorial) South Sikkim
102 Shri Pempa Tshering Bhutia Assistant Conservator of Forests
103 Shri Karma G. Lachungpa Assistant Conservator of Forests
104 Shri Satish Chandra Basistha Assistant Conservator of Forests
105 Shri Jigmee Gyatso Bhutia Assistant Conservator of Forests
106 Shri Joseph Lepcha Assistant Conservator of Forests
107 Shri Karma W. Lepcha Assistant Conservator of Forests
108 Shri Arun Kumar Gurung Assistant Conservator of Forests
109 Shri Bal Krishna Dhamala Assistant Conservator of Forests
110 Shri Bharat Singh Tamang Assistant Conservator of Forests
111 Shri Chewang T. Bhutia Assistant Conservator of Forests
112 Shri Tseten Tashi Lepcha Assistant Conservator of Forests
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