Sections - Miscellaneous

S.No Name Order Date Order Number View Order
1 Notification of Committee Members Constituted to Examine the Pay Structure of Different State Services for Revision of the State Government Employees 29-12-2016 F (81)/ 153/GEN/DOP View
2 Appointment of Miss Oshin Rahul Gurung as Assistant Architect in the Junior Grade of Sikkim State Architect Service 28-12-2016 2422/GEN/DOP View
3 Re-Employment of Shri M.L. Nagar, Deputy Resident Commissioner, Sikkim House, New Delhi under Home Department 21-12-2016 2340/G/DOP View
4 List of Appointment of Candidates of Assistant Architect in the Junior Grade of the Sikkim State Architect Service 19-12-2016 2301/G/DOP View
5 List of Transfer of Officers under Sikkim State Services vide Office Memo No.16715-24/G/DOP 15-12-2016 2242/G/DOP View
6 Appointment of Shri Penzang Dorjee Lepcha, Assistant Architect. 10-12-2016 2200/G/DOP View
7 Col. (Retd). Shri D.N. Bhutia, Secretary, Rajya Sainik Board 08-12-2016 2143/G/DOP View
8 Shri Samir Ranjan Majumdar 28-11-2016 2051/G/DOP View
9 Corrigendum to Office Order No.187/G/DOP, Dated 14/11/2016 22-11-2016 Memo No. 15494-02/G/DOP View
10 Ms. Pem Lhamu Sherpa, Residential Orderly, Court of District and Session Judge (East) 15-11-2016 316/G/DOP View
11 Shri Khorlo Bhutia, Principal Director-cum-Secretary, H&CCDD 22-10-2016 1707/G/DOP View
12 CORRIGENDUM TO OFFICE ORDER NO.1580/G/DOP, DATED 04/10/2017. 07-10-2016 Memo No. 13289-93/G/DOP View
13 Re-Organization and Re-designation of the Parliamentary Affairs Department, Government of Sikkim as Legal, Legislative and Parliamentary Affairs Department, Government of Sikkim 06-10-2016 133/G/DOP View
14 NOTIFICATION 06-10-2016 132/G/DOP View
15 Shri G.C. Khanal, Additional Director, Land Revenue & Disaster Management Department. 05-10-2016 1589/G/DOP View
16 Shri Ravi Shekhar Chauhan 04-10-2016 1568/G/DOP View
17 Resignation 01-10-2016 128/Gen/DOP View
18 List of Candidates appointed in the post of Assistant Engineer ( Civil, Electrical & Mechanical) 21-09-2016 1420/G/DOP View
19 Corrigendum to the Office Order No.1383/G/DOP DATED 14/09/2016 14-09-2016 Memo No. 11791-11799/G/DOP View
20 List of Officers nominated for two-weeks training on E-Governance project Management under Certificate-Governance Training for SCSP/TSP 13-09-2016 217/G/DOP View
21 Corrigendum to O.O. No.1283/G/DOP, Dated 06/09/2016 10-09-2016 Memo No. 11458-68/G/DOP View
22 Shri Ganesh Chettri, Accounts Officer, Sikkim House, New Delhi 05-09-2016 1278/G/DOP View
23 List of Inter-Se-Seniority of Members of Sikkim State Mechanical Engineering Service 05-09-2016 116/G/DOP View
24 List of Officers nominated to attend ToT workshop on Induction Training Programme being held at Accounts & Administrative Training Institute, Gangtok 01-09-2016 184/G/DOP View
25 Corrigendum to Office Order No.124/GEN/DOP,dated22/7/2016 23-08-2016 2427/GEN/DOP View
26 Corrigendum to Office Order No. 124/GEN/DOP, Dated: 22/7/2016 of Shri Sonam Wangchuk Bhutia , Mrs Geeta Pradhan, Shri Roshan Khannal, Mrs Chewang Lhamu. 26-07-2016 2205/GEN/DOP View
27 Shri N.T.Bhutia 22-07-2016 911/G/DOP View
28 Shri Samrat Pradhan 21-06-2016 569/G/DOP View
29 Shri Thomas Candy , IFS 26-04-2016 177/G/DOP View
30 Shri Puneet Kansal, IAS (SK-1996) 13-04-2016 79/G/DOP View
31 Ms. Nima Laden Yethenpa 08-03-2016 2800/G/DOP View
32 CIRCULAR 24-02-2016 4801/GEN/DOP View
33 Shri P. Senthil Kumar, IFS 19-12-2015 1940/G/DOP View
34 Shri M.L.Nagar, Deputy Resident Commissioner 11-12-2015 1913/G/DOP View
35 Dr. K. Jayakumar, IAS 16-10-2015 1487/G/DOP View
36 Shri Khorlo Bhutia 16-10-2015 1486/G/DOP View
37 Shri M.N.Dhakal, SCS, Director ( Panchayat, RMDD & Dr. Prerna Chamling, SCS, Deputy Secretary, Home Department 07-09-2015 1306/G/DOP View
38 NOTICE 27-08-2015 9096/GEN/DOP View
39 Shri Ganga Ram Sapkota 26-08-2015 1229/G/DOP View
40 Ms. Urvashi Poudyal , Joint Chief Electrol Officer 18-08-2015 1144/G/DOP View
41 Smt. Rinchen Ongmu. IAS ( SK-1979), Shri Alok Kumar Shrivastava , IAS ( SK- 1984 ) , Shri S.C. Gutpta , IAS ( SK-1986). 30-07-2015 1008/G/DOP View
42 Shri Phurba Tamang , DFO ( FCA) 29-07-2015 1006/G/DOP View
43 Ms. Neeta Gazmer 01-07-2015 613/G/DOP View
44 Shri Sandeep Tambe, IFS 30-06-2015 592/G/DOP View
45 Smt. Bineeta Rai, SCS, Additional Secretary, STDC 13-06-2015 481/G/DOP View
46 Shri Chewang Namgyal Bhutia , Joint Director, Department of Information Technology 08-06-2015 453/G/DOP View
47 Shri N.R. Bhattarai, Secretary, Culture Affairs and Heritage Department 19-05-2015 300/G/DOP View
48 Dr.L.P.Sharma , ( Technical Director , NIC) & Shri P.S. Rai , Joint Director (IT) 13-05-2015 252/G/DOP View
49 Smt. Rinchen Ongmu 29-04-2015 172/G/DOP View
50 Shri.Mohan Lepcha 24-04-2015 131/G/DOP View
51 Shri N.R Bhattarai, 04-04-2015 11(A)/ Admin View
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